Help by planting a ’tree of life’

We are investing in a green, sustainable planet. For each person who takes part in a course run by the Mindfulness Factory we will plant a tree in the tropics. That is our investment in the future. Trees grow there quicker and so are very soon able to absorb CO2. We all feel the need for action now. By this means, in our own small way, we are contributing to ecosystems and helping to provide work and income in those countries.

You can also invest by way of a small extra donation of € 6.25. We will use that money to plant a tree in the Netherlands. Your investment then has an effect nearer home. Or you can donate more of course, so that we can plant still more trees.

Together we can make this small contribution to a healthier climate, restoring ecosystems and biodiversity and generating income in developing countries. Trees for All has a registered trademark (CBF) and has charitable status in the Netherlands (ANBI). So you know that your donations will be directly and responsibly spent.

Choose a location for following a mindfulness course and at the same time help to create a better world with the Mindfulness Factory.

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