Work contributes to an individual’s identity and gives meaning to his or her life. As such, job satisfaction forms the foundation of a meaningful and valuable existence. MindfulnessFabriek aims for a world where work significantly contributes to the happiness of the individual and the systems and/or organizations they belong to. Therefore, we focus on employees and job seekers, leaders, and organizations.


You can only be yourself in an environment where trust prevails. As a child, you fully trusted your parents. Trust is delicate and can be damaged easily, and can only be restored slowly. However, it is essential in a person’s life. A life full of distrust is a bleak life dominated by fear. Living in trust requires courage and an open mind, and paves the way for connectedness and satisfaction. A life that is worth living to the fullest.


When you do something that is important to you, you experience fulfillment. It energizes you. The satisfaction you feel is enhanced when what you do holds significance for others and your environment (or the world), and when you are appreciated for it. Humans need meaning and appreciation. It shapes us into what we are and for which we seek recognition—a human being with qualities and vulnerabilities. Experiencing fulfillment, giving and receiving trust, and feeling connectedness—these are the things that make us human.