Is Mindfulness training for you?

Are you experiencing stress that is hindering your work and daily life? Do you struggle with dealing with changes and setbacks? Do you feel like you’re being swept along and want to regain control? You’re not alone. Nowadays, we all set the bar quite high, and the pressure to perform has increased significantly. This can lead to a lot of stress. Do you want to work not only for your boss but also for yourself, so that you experience more energy and improve your self-management (stress management)? And do you want to approach life with a lighter and more energetic mindset? Then sign up for a mindfulness training at MindfulnessFabriek.

This 8-week mindfulness training costs €495 and it can be (partially) reimbursed by your health insurance (up to €350) or employer (up to €495).

All our training programs are conducted in collaboration with our parent company, StressWise Academy.

Positive effects of Mindfulness MBSR

Mindfulness has been proven effective in dealing with stress, burnout, and various stress-related symptoms such as restlessness, fatigue, sleep problems, excessive worrying, difficulty concentrating, feelings of anxiety and panic, chronic illness, difficulty setting boundaries, depressive feelings, chronic pain, and coping with pressure and a sense of being rushed. By improving your ability to concentrate and cope with challenges and changes, mindfulness is also a skill that can be effectively applied to enhance your work performance.

This 8-week mindfulness training costs €495. The MBSR training has reimbursement options both at your health insurance or employer (up to €495)

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MindfulnessFabriek guarantees you the best possible support in mindfulness training. Our mindfulness trainers are highly educated professionals certified by VMBN and VVM (the professional associations of mindfulness trainers) in the highest category. As a result, you will always receive a substantial reimbursement at MindfulnessFabriek. So sign up now and experience more peace and relaxation in your work and daily life. Alternatively, download our e-book below and read Chapter 1 of the workbook.

This 8-week mindfulness training costs €495, with possible reimbursement by health insurance (up to €350 reimbursement) and employer (up to €495 reimbursement)

Mindfulness Training Online
The Mindfulness Factory guarantees the best possible support.
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How much does a mindfulness course in English cost?

The fixed price is €300, but you can get a repayment of costs up to 100% (free training) if you have a Dutch health insurance. Find out yourself at of give us a call on +31 88 20 32 600.

Does my health insurance repay the costs for the MBSR mindfulness course?

If you have a Dutch healthinsurance, you might get a repayment of costs (up to 100%!) You can check and find out yourself, or give us a call at +31 88 20 32 600.  We will be happy to help you.

Is a mindfulness course in English online or offline?

English courses are all online. We organise Dutch Mindfulness courses at several locations throughout The Netherlands.

Can I sign up for a mindfulness course in English?

Yes you can. The Mindfulness Factory (MindfulnessFabriek) organizes several Mindfulness courses MBSR throughout the year. Go to the agenda and sign up for a course.


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