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MindfulnessFabriek Amsterdam Centrum has started off all its mindfulness trainings again at our location in Amsterdam Centrum. You can sign up for our English courses MBSR of 8 weeks at Amsterdam Centrum. You can also start a mindfulness training individually or together with your partner or friend at our location in Amsterdam. Or do an online mindfulness training from home or your holiday address. If you have a Dutch health insurance you’ll probably receive a repayment of costs (up to 100%) plus a luxury gift box worth €80. To enroll directly, see our Calendar.

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werkboek mindfulness gratis

You will receive the workbook for the Mindfulness Training, and with the online mindfulness training, a luxury giftbox

MindfulnessFabriek Amsterdam Centrum guarantees the best possible support during its mindfulness training, wether in a group, a duo or individually.  Our mindfulness trainers are highly educated professionals, psychologists and therapists certificied by VMBN en VVM (professional associations of mindfulness trainers) in the highest category. Because of this, at MindfulnessFabriek Amsterdam Centrum you can receive  a repayment of costs from your Dutch health insurance. If you are joining online, you will receive a beautiful giftbox worth €80 with all necessities and a workbook.

Mindfulness training bij MindfulnessFabriek: altijd vergoeding

The guarantees of MindfulnessFabriek Amsterdam Centrum: lowest price guarantee

Mindfulness training from MindfulnessFabriek Amsterdam Centrum is usually reimbursed by your Dutch health insurance and is not at the expense of your own risk. The price for mindfulness training is maximum € 300, but it might be free if you get a repayment of costs from your Dutch health insurance. MindfulnessFabriek Amsterdam Centrum therefore offers you a lowest price guarantee, so that you always pay the lowest rate with us.

Mindfulness courses and workshops
The Mindfulness Factory guarantees the best possible support.
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Wednesday evening 6/03
ONLINE Mindfulness Course MBSR English
Via Zoom
19:00 - 20:30 uur
Investering: 495,-
Scientifically proven stress reduction or attention training of 8 weeks
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Start: Wednesday evening March 6 ONLINE Mindfulness Course MBSR English

€ 495 • with free luxury gift box • up to 100% compensation from your Dutch insurance

Times and dates

Wednesday evening 19:00 - 20:30 uur.

March 6 - March 13 - March 20 - March 27 - April 3 - April 10 - April 17 - April 24

Online, from your home

Korte beschrijving

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) reduces stress and anxiety, provides peace of mind and overview and is effective for all kinds of stress-related complaints. You are digitally connected with our mindfulness professionals and other participants in the training. Participating is easy. You only need a computer (smartphone, tablet) and a good internet connection. We make sure you can connect easily. The ONLINE course has the same content as the MBSR mindfulness training on location.

Including luxury gift box

With this Mindfulness ONLINE course you will receive a sustainable gift box worth €80 with the necessary materials. Moreover, if you participate we will plant a tree to help tackle that other crisis (the climate crisis).

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