Working together towards Mindful Organizations

MindfulnessFabriek also works, and primarily so, towards fostering happiness and purpose within organizations. By integrating mindfulness as a method into daily tasks and activities within your company or organization, you as an employer can significantly increase job satisfaction among your employees, both individually and collectively.

You can imagine that boosting job satisfaction and a sense of purpose among your staff and colleagues reduces absenteeism and turnover, while increasing morale and enjoyment within the workforce. Your employees remain loyal to you, which in turn reflects positively on those outside of your organization—customers, suppliers, and even potential employees. This is particularly important in today’s labor market. Discover what we can do for your organization.

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MindfulnessFabriek is constantly seeking the ‘crème de la crème’ of mindfulness trainers. We are looking for top-notch trainers and coaches, therapists and psychologists with knowledge of, and experience in, mindfulness. We seek professionals who embody mindfulness and have their feet firmly on the ground. Individuals who understand the demands of the contemporary business world on employees and leaders, and who can provide a sense of calm and overview from a place of connection and trust. Professionals with a big heart, who inspire enthusiasm and energy.

In addition, we are also looking for individuals to support our professionals at our offices in Hilversum and Groningen. These include roles in our secretarial team, marketing department, programmers, and creative professionals. We welcome both professionals and interns. Interested? Check out our vacancies page.

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